To preserve the natural beauty & respect our environment, we have a series of initiatives to do our part.


After trekking in the mountains of Peru, come & sit & relax in our cosy restaurant.


After 10 years of hard work Llanganuco Mountain Lodge has made its name.



The labour of love of LML began with the aim of making trekking in the Huascaran National Park more accessible & enjoyable. We are here to free you from the need to take a tour group or organised transport, but instead allow you to breathe in the mountains, from where you sleep in comfort. Rise early the next morning & stroll around a mountain lake for 30mins or if you are brave enough take a swim before breakfast. 

You are then free to enjoy your day in the mountains & explore as you wish. The Cordillera Blanca mountains are so overwhelmingly awe inspiring & humbling, why would you ever want to stay in the city of Huaraz?

LML is a Labour of Love, in a world of extremes, against all odds. As such it is a work in progress. I beg the understanding of our clients & hope to see you here for your Cordillera Blanca Day Trek adventure.

Charlie Good - Owner

If you would like an alternative accommodation, we highly recommend one of our partner Cordillera Blanca Lodges - Cuesta Serena Boutique Hotel ( or Churup Mountain Lodge (


All rooms have lighting from 4pm to 8am, during the day the solar packs are isolated to give them a chance to charge up for the evening. Devices can be charged in the hotel bar. Put your devices on airplane mode and they will last for days.

Please bring cash as there are no withdrawal facilities after leaving Huaraz. This is PERU, Soles please, although we also accept dollars. You will need cash for taxi transfers to/from airport/bus terminal, trail heads, local guides, and the occasional beer or wine.

We do NOT allow clients to bring their pets. We have 2 extremely large, handsome, athletic, intelligent and territorial dogs at the hotel, that don´t take kindly to lesser breeds (who says that dogs take after their masters?). We kindly ask that you under no circumstances feed the dogs. Or you shall be fed to the dogs, seen SNATCH? - yes much like that.

There is very limited Movistar network reception at the hotel. Please let your loved ones know that you will be out of contact.

All water at the hotel is potable coming directly from our mountain spring, it has been tested & exceeds state requirements.

There is wifi at the lodge. However, as a mountain lodge we do encourage all guests to disconnect from the digital world and enjoy the natural surroundings. (We will not be held responsible for disruptions to internet speed due to the service provider problems.)

Trust us, you are not coming here to watch television. Anyway, we do not have televisions, we gave them all away to the local schools.

Check In: 2PM  Check Out: 11AM Request for early Check In & late Check out can be arranged depending on availability. 

Breakfast: 7.30AM-9AM
Lunch: Pack lunch / Dinner: 6.30PM

Daily housekeeping included in the room rate, please let us know at the bar when you are off trekking and that you would like us to go in and tidy up your room.

We charge 5 soles/kilo & dry our clothes in the open air to save energy. Please give notice before handing us any washing. Thank you.

A 24-hour front desk to deal with any requests or problems.


At LML we understand that human activity is very rarely environmentally friendly. Ever since we discovered fire, we have been a scourge on this precious planet, so we shall never be calling ourselves an Eco-Hotel, a term we know is thrown around all too readily nowadays by establishments that do not even separate their rubbish. However, that said we are doing all we can, to move in the right direction towards a post-oil economy & a bright & sustainable future for our mountain hotel.

In 2013 we completed phase 2 of our Solar energy system. This represents a considerable investment financially in minimising our carbon footprint. The system supplies electricity for appliances & 24hr lighting in the rooms.

The hotel is not connected to the Peruvian national grid, as we like to show people how independently one can live off-grid using renewable energy. The glaciers are retreating rapidly & the hydro plant will not always be able to supply the year round energy needs of the area.

As part of our commitment to our sustainable policy, we do not believe in providing hotel soaps & shampoo, this is not an eco-friendly practice.

We have installed our own sealed water infrastructure from our mountain spring, using over 2km of pipes at a great one-off expense. However, this now saves you & the planet unnecessary expense in disposable plastic bottles. 

We separate our rubbish between: Organic, Paper, Plastic, Glass, Tin/Metal & Batteries. We would be most grateful if you could hand us anything that you want to be binned separated. Thank you.


Turning 40 in 2015, Charlie has dedicated the last 10 years of his life to building the trekking hotel, with the odd holiday to other mountainous areas of the world. Charlie expects to be putting another 40 years at least into the project (he now has no excuse given that his grandmother recently celebrated her 100th). 

You may find Charlie running around the lakes with his dogs, hauling his bike & gear over another mountain pass on a multi-day trip, in the steep & deep in the backcountry, working on the hotel plans or sunning himself on the front lawn with a well earned rum & coke (always Appleton).


Luke first became aware of LML & some of its potential in May 2012, when he visited with his father & partner. Dragged out kicking & screaming with excitement on the day treks, he returned the following June to be sponsored by LML & others to climb Huascaran (6768m),  for an English based charity supporting rural communities.

Having evaded near death experiences, he returned to share a beer with Charlie. Upon safe return, Luke asked Charlie: 'Any chance of a job, running your marketing & website?' Charlie: 'Yeah sure Luke.'


Tito is from the local village that Charlie is a member of & has been with us since 2007. He has now been trained by an Australian chef for 2 seasons & has stuck with us through thick & thin. He now lives at LML in en-suite accommodation with his wife Rosa, who helps out where she can. 

With their recent addition to the family - Diego 14.1.2013, they are a busy but happy family. Diego still has a way to go, but is eager to learn the ropes. Tito's father & uncles can often be found working laboriously on the maintenance of the grounds.



Relax in a cosy ambience with sofas, plenty of woodwork, a small library & perhaps a few too many maps. Feel the wood stove pumping out the heat on a cold evening & share tales over an ice-cold beer or a bottle of wine. 

We provide for all you demanding people; whether you are lactose/gluten intolerant, vegan, celiac, or veggie. You got it, we can do it.


Breakfast is from 7.30am - 9am, with teas & coffees for those who wish a bowl of tropical fruit salad for the soul, scrambled eggs for the legs & some toast, butter & jams just because it tastes so good & you might need the calories for your days trekking.


By the time you finish breakfast, your pack lunch should be waiting for you on the bar. Grab it & go. 

Come to breakfast with your day-pack ready to throw in your water & get going. Lunch consists of 2 sandwiches in a screw top box, trail mix, fruit & if you are lucky,  some pudding from the night before (if you have not eaten it all). 

Chocolate brownie is often a welcome lifesaver on the trail.


Dinner is served at 6.30pm sharp, as your energy reserves may be rather low after a full day in the mountains. Soup or salad to start, main-course & pudding. We have 14 recipes for starter, main-course & dessert & we always try to make sure that you do not eat the same thing twice. 

We try to have plenty prepared, please feel free to ask for seconds, or thirds.